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A Historical Perspective

Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital

1890 • Ohio Valley Medical Center is founded as City Hospital by a group of church women at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church with $100.00 in contributions.

1892 • The first patients are admitted to a 62-bed facility in the building housing the Wheeling Female Seminary.

1906 • Martins Ferry Hospital is founded by local physician, Dr. R.H. Wilson.

1912 • Present building was erected at 2000 Eoff Street, Wheeling, and name changed to Ohio Valley General Hospital.

1914 • A group of Wheeling visionaries formed the first board of directors with the goal of providing the Ohio Valley with unparalleled medical care.

1953 • Board President Arthur C. Stifel announces an unprecedented plan for $4 million expansion to existing structure including new seven-story south building, an addition of a seventh floor to the six-story east building as well as a five-story addition to the School of Nursing building. The expansion also increases patient capacity by 50% with the addition of 150 new beds.

1977 • Martins Ferry Hospital opens $1.2 million Medical Office and new laundry facility.

1980 • Medical Complex opened in St. Clairsville.

1981 • $2 million Long Term Care unit is opened.

1981 • Ohio Valley Medical Center and Martins Ferry Hospital created parent corporation Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corporation—OVHS&E.

1985 • $7 million West Addition is opened.

1985 • Martins Ferry Hospital changes its name to East Ohio Regional Hospital. OVMC/EORH become leading providers of medical services in the Ohio Valley.

1993 • $1.5 million addition to Medical Office Building.

2000 • Obstetrics expanded with addition of two LDRP and two nursery beds.

2002 • Cardiac Cath Lab opens at EORH.

2007 • New Surgical Department opens at EORH.

2014 • The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corporation announce the creation of an affiliation which will improve availability, quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare services, research and medical education throughout the Ohio Valley.

The First Board of Directors

Samuel S. Bloch

H. Frederick Behrens

Charles Bowers

W.S. Brady

Howard Hazlett

Frank C. Hoffman

J.J. Holloway

Louis Horkheimer

Nelson C. Hubbard

S. Ott Laughlin

Alfred Paull

A.B. Paxon

B. Walker Peterson

Paul Reymann

Henry Russel

Lawrence E. Sands

Otto Schenk

Nathan B. Scott

William F. Stifel

Wilbur E. Stone

William M. Tiernan

H.E. Vance

William E. Weiss

L.D. Wilson

W.A. Wilson

Ohio Valley Medical Center • 2000 Eoff Street • Wheeling, WV 26003
East Ohio Regional Hospital • 90 North Fourth Street • Martins Ferry, OH 43935 

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