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Touching Ohio Valley Lives and Making a Difference

img_MindaAngela Minda
Cancer Survivor
Wellsburg, WV

On July 21, 2013, Angela Minda of Wellsburg, W.Va., found a lump on her right breast at 34 years of age. After going through a series of comprehensive tests, she was told she had breast cancer on August 7, 2013. Today she is cancer free and says it’s all because of the excellent care she received from the oncology team at OVMC/EORH.

“I had absolutely the best team anyone with my diagnosis could have had. When Dr. Cross told me I had cancer, he did so with a compassion I have never seen from a human being. I could see the feeling and compassion in his eyes. My entire team was awesome. I am here today because of Dr. DeGuzman, Dr. Shope, Dr. Mehrotra and their staffs, and I don’t know what I would have done without Jane Kessler. They were my dream team and I will never forget them. I am cancer free today and owe my life to OVMC/EORH.”

img_RiethmillerPaul Riethmiller
Martins Ferry, Ohio

One morning in May 2014, Paul Riethmiller walked into the Emergency Room at East Ohio Regional Hospital with what he didn’t know at the time was a very serious infection in his foot that would ultimately require surgery. Following a two-week stay at EORH including 10 days in Long-Term Care, Riethmiller shared his experience.

“I developed a severe infection in my foot and walked into the Emergency Room at East Ohio Regional Hospital on a Tuesday morning. They immediately began running tests which showed the infection was much worse than I thought and that I was going to need surgery. I was in the operating room by four that afternoon. Dr. Joseph Goodwin did a brilliant job and I can’t say enough about the entire staff of people at East Ohio Regional. They were quick to act and the nurses, the staff and even the person who greeted me took caring and compassionate to another level. I had to spend two weeks at EORH including long-term care and couldn’t have been more satisfied in the overall performance of a hospital.”

A Stronger Community Growing Together

img_StampJoan Stamp
Wheeling, WV

“As a resident of the Ohio Valley, my family has been very fortunate to be surrounded by quality healthcare facilities. Starting with my great grandfather, William F. Stifel, who in 1914 was one of the founding fathers of the Ohio Valley Hospital, we have always viewed healthcare as being vital to the quality of life in our community. We are all very proud of the footprint that was laid out for healthcare in 1914. I am extremely pleased and excited that the Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital are Moving Healthcare Forward in our community and fully support their efforts.”

img_BlochStuart Bloch
Wheeling, WV

“For four generations my family have been supporters of the hospital, and I am looking forward to offering our full support to the Moving Healthcare Forward Campaign. The success of this campaign is paramount to the hospital’s ability to continue providing excellent healthcare to the people of the Ohio Valley. Over the years Ohio Valley citizens have benefitted from first-rate medical service at both OVMC and EORH, and I am confident the Valley will continue to benefit for many years to come.”

img_KramerDr. John G. Kramer
Martins Ferry, OH

“I joined the staff of East Ohio Regional Hospital back in 1957 when it was Martins Ferry Hospital and have been so pleased to watch both OVMC and EORH evolve into a joint provider of excellent healthcare to the people of the Ohio Valley. I am absolutely elated that an affiliation with such a world-class healthcare institution as The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has come to fruition. The face of medicine is changing and becoming more sophisticated, and this partnership will certainly help OVMC/EORH continue to deliver excellent medical service locally. The Moving Healthcare Forward Campaign is vital to the continuation of this great care.”

Ohio Valley Medical Center • 2000 Eoff Street • Wheeling, WV 26003
East Ohio Regional Hospital • 90 North Fourth Street • Martins Ferry, OH 43935 

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