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Case Statement

Historical Perspective

Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital have a long, impressive history of serving the healthcare needs of the people of the Ohio Valley.

img_ovmchistoryOhio Valley Medical Center was founded in 1890 as City Hospital. In 1914, with members L.D. Wilson, Alfred Paull, Louis Horkheimer, Henry Russel, and Howard Hazlett present, a group of individuals with a vision for the future and a goal of providing the Ohio Valley with unparalleled medical care agreed to be part of the first board of directors. Those board members, along with Samuel S. Bloch, H. Frederick Behrens, Charles Bowers, W.S. Brady, Frank C. Hoffman, J.J. Holloway, Nelson C. Hubbard, S. Ott Laughlin, A.B. Paxon, B. Walker Peterson, Paul Reymann, Lawrence E. Sands, Otto Schenk, Nathan B. Scott, William F. Stifel, Wilbur E. Stone, William M. Tiernan, H.E. Vance, William E. Weiss and W.A. Wilson, are credited with establishing one of the finest hospitals in West Virginia.

East Ohio Regional Hospital was founded in 1906 as Martins Ferry Hospital by local physician, Dr. R.H. Wilson. In 1981, Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital joined forces under the corporate umbrella of the Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corporation (OVHS&E), making OVMC/EORH the premier medical center in the Ohio Valley.

img_eorhfounderWhile changes have occurred, OVMC/EORH has continued its outstanding reputation of providing modern technology with all the scientific knowledge and medical advances available in healthcare today.

The 340 beds at OVMC/EORH serve patients from both West Virginia and Ohio with a staff of physicians and nurses dedicated to undertaking innovative programs in response to the ever-changing personal and community needs.

The Dawn of World-Class Healthcare in the Ohio Valley

History will show that June 12, 2014, will be forever remembered as the day a new era in innovative and cost-effective healthcare came to the Ohio Valley with the stunning announcement that The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corporation (OVHS&E) created an agreement which will drastically improve the quality of healthcare available to the people of the Ohio Valley.

This agreement, which gained nationwide attention, will allow the two health systems to work together to develop close-to-home care options for residents who would normally travel to Ohio State for highly specialized treatments.

Discussions are underway which will allow this historic agreement to provide residents with world-class care in areas such as cancer, heart and vascular care, neurology, telemedicine, diabetes management, and community wellness/prevention programs.

OVMC/EORH is the premier healthcare system in the Ohio Valley. OVMC is proud of its affiliation with the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and is home to an osteopathic medicine residency program with residencies in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and traditional internal/emergency medicine fields.

EORH has been at the forefront of expansion of healthcare in the Ohio Valley with the addition of new healthcare facilities and services. The staff works in conjunction with the East Ohio Medical Office Building and East Ohio Medical Complex in St Clairsville, Ohio.

In addition, EORH is home to the federally funded Respiratory and Occupational Black Lung Clinic, as well as a certified skilled/rehabilitation unit.

Even today, with all of its expanded specialized services, OVMC/EORH retains its mission to provide quality, compassionate, and state-of-the-art, family-centered healthcare while promoting education and wellness.

OVMC/EORH is committed to providing the most technologically advanced healthcare in the Ohio Valley.


• Has 340 beds dedicated to patient care

• Will admit over 12,000 patients this year, most of whom will be on some type of government assistance

• Will treat nearly a quarter million (212,258) people on an outpatient basis

• Will deliver more than 500 babies this year

• Will treat nearly 50,000 (49,788) people at its 24-hour Emergency Department

Specialized services provided by OVMC/EORH include:

The Cancer Center at Ohio Valley Medical Center offers a full spectrum of services with the philosophy that the diagnosis of cancer should never abolish hope, weaken faith, or disturb one’s peace of mind. The center is recognized by the American College of Surgeons as an accredited community cancer center and has received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013. The Cancer Center at OVMC has all board-certified physicians, certified navigators, certified nursing staff, and a lymphedema therapist.

Breast Care
The Center for Breast Care offers patients from the Ohio Valley state-of-the-art treatment options along with an extensive support and resource system including breast health education, screenings, diagnosis, and treatments in a highly coordinated environment. With a full range of services from genetic counseling and testing, to mammograms and breast cancer surgery and reconstruction, OVMC/EORH continues to be at the forefront of cancer treatment. OVMC has gained national attention by being awarded the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, and Women’s Choice Award for Outstanding Breast Center.

Community Outreach
As a community hospital, OVMC/EORH demonstrates its commitment to community health and education through extensive outreach initiatives. Free programs are offered to the community, which include: Pink Power Night, a health and wellness program for women; health fairs and screenings, child seat safety checks, and various events that support the goals of the various departments represented within the hospital.

Trauma Services
EMSTAR Trauma Services proves that the best emergency room care is no accident. Each year, EMSTAR treats more patients than any other emergency department in the Ohio Valley. With its ultramodern, digital patient-tracking system (the first of its kind in the area), the EMSTAR staff has access to a patient’s medical information within 20 seconds of registration. With Level II and Level III Trauma designation, EMSTAR has earned a reputation of providing superior emergency care.

Childbirth and Maternity Services
OVMC/EORH is family centered, providing a comfortable and caring environment where new siblings are welcome to visit and help introduce their new baby brother or sister to the world. The birthing unit includes a labor and delivery suite and postpartum and gynecology wing, as well as a newborn nursery staffed by certified nurses skilled in inpatient obstetrics, lactation specialties, and neonatal nursing. The BirthPlace is the first area birthing center recognized as Baby-Friendly, through the global initiative of the World Health Organization, for the birthing center’s optimal level of care for infant feeding and mother/baby bonding.

Orthopedic Centers of Excellence
The fastest-growing Orthopedic Department in the Tri-State area staffed by some of the most highly trained and respected surgeons in the eastern United States calls OVMC/EORH home. The orthopedic department delivers a comprehensive, team approach to patient care. These board-certified surgeons and highly skilled nurses conduct procedures using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology available today. The department is known for their unsurpassed joint replacement program that features pre-surgical education, positive post-operative care, and rehabilitation with experienced therapists.

Behavioral Health
OVMC/EORH is home to the Hillcrest Behavioral Health Center where a team of intensive psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and staff are committed to providing the communities of the Ohio Valley the most comprehensive behavioral and mental treatment available today.

Robert C. Byrd Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Center
Opened in 2013, The Robert C. Byrd Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center is a state-of-the-art, acute care treatment center for children and adolescents. The center was recently accredited by The Joint Commission, which is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare. They issue their Gold Seal of Approval to deserving healthcare providers. OVMC is proud of this accreditation, and more importantly, of the quality care that is provided to the youth receiving treatment at the center. Highly specialized treatment programs are provided in a safe, therapeutic environment. The staff includes a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, a board-certified pediatrician, nurses, therapists, social workers, and support staff. Therapies include: individual, group, and family sessions, as well as music, art, and recreational activities. The focus is on rapid stabilization and then coordination of aftercare with resources available to the child and family caregiver when they return to their place of residence.

The Robert C. Byrd Center is a very important resource available to children and adolescents. Acute inpatient psychiatric services for children and adolescents are a specialized level of care that is only available in a limited number of facilities in our geographic area. Sadly, the need outweighs the availability of care in some areas. Our communities are fortunate to have this valuable resource conveniently located in Wheeling, W.Va.

Outpatient Services
OVMC/EORH offers a variety of comprehensive outpatient treatments beyond basic laboratory services that include: IV therapy and administration of IV fluids or medications; chemotherapy; transfusion of blood or blood products; wound care; physician-performed procedures; radiology services; cardiac testing and rehabilitation; pulmonary testing; neurovascular services; and outpatient physical therapy services with therapists specializing in a variety of programs. Patient convenience is paramount at OVMC/EORH, and with locations at Ohio Valley Medical Center, East Ohio Regional Hospital, and East Ohio Medical Complex, accessibility is not an issue.

Skilled Care
OVMC/EORH operates a 50-bed Skilled and Rehabilitation Unit at East Ohio Regional Hospital. A skilled and dedicated group in nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietary, and pastoral care help return patients to their optimum level of independence.

The Challenge Facing OVMC/EORH
Following a lengthy study by experts within and outside the hospital family, OVMC/EORH has identified a list of needs which will continue to allow it to maintain its highly respected reputation and lofty status as the Ohio Valley’s leading healthcare provider.

East Ohio Regional Additions
With a complete renovation of the telemetry unit on Three North including the addition of several semiprivate rooms, East Ohio Regional Hospital is poised to rise to a new level of patient care and service.

Additional Equipment Purchases
Equipment advancements in radiation oncology to further enhance cancer treatment, 150 new beds, patient and nursing communication systems, up-to-date portable cardiac monitors, anesthesia and pharmacy innovations, specialty and general operating tables, along with computers and state-of-the-art simulation labs will round out the largest physical improvement in the history of OVMC/EORH.

A Special Financial Appeal
The board of directors has chosen to launch a $10 million capital campaign to support this worthy project. These funds will enable the hospital to elevate quality and patient experience to a level that surpasses expectations.

Ohio Valley Medical Center • 2000 Eoff Street • Wheeling, WV 26003
East Ohio Regional Hospital • 90 North Fourth Street • Martins Ferry, OH 43935 

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